Saturday, December 5, 2015

Play and Eat at Turf city Grandstand

Its Saturday and its lesson free day, so got to make full use of it. Its been sometime since we last brought the kids to DIY pancakes and off we go to Slappy cake at Turf City for our pancake making.

But before that, let me share Joelle OOTD. By now, you should know I am a very big fan of Gymboree clothes. In fact lots of her clothes is from Gap and Gymboree. Today she is wearing one from Gymboree too, beside that I also love the white loafer lots which I got it from Taobao. Its stylish, easy to match and most importantly it is so soft and comfortable.


Dress from Gymboree

Shoes from Taobao



And today happens to be Hubby birthday too.


Happy Birthday to the kids’ Papa!!!!!!


Forced the boys to make pancakes for us.


Enjoying the pancakes and teaching Joelle shape.


Saw this cute tent and get her to pose for me to take pictures. She was super uncooperative and took me quite sometime to get a decent shot.


They spotted a jumping castle and demanded to go play. Encountered a power trip which resulted in a disruption in their play shortly after they started. But persistent monkeys decided to wait for it to be fix. Sad smile


Powered up with this meat platter and it was really yummy~~~ before we made our way home.

Friday, December 4, 2015

JOJO OOTD 04 December

TGIF!!! Been feeling tired since we came back from our Thailand trip and it doesn’t help that it is school holiday now, and I gotta face the 3 kiddos for the whole day which is draining my energy very fast.

We went to the library to get some books for our reading activities during this December Holiday. And it sure feel great getting out of the house for a breather. Phew….


Romper from Baby Gap

Shirt from Old Navy

Shoes from Taobao

Socks from Taobao


Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thailand Day 04 - Monkey Mountain

We woke up early for our full day activities for today, thus you can see the restaurant was still quite empty then. Breakfast was simple but decent. But it do get a tad bored after the 4th day. The boys prefer to eat at MacDonald this morning and so its just the 3 of us here.


A change of outfit as the pervious outfit was abit too loose, so decided to change into this outfit for her instead.

Sawadee kap

Khao Takiab "Monkey Mountain"



Located south of Hua Hin just 10 minutes drive from Hua Hin town centre, Khao Takiab (Chopstick hill), also known as Monkey Mountain is the home to many monkeys. Be warn that these monkeys likes to grab plastic bags or bags. Our driver told us not to hold any bags or plastics bags when we get down the car. We actually witnessed a group of monkeys grabbing stuffs from a open roof car and dashes off.

Though the majority of monkeys are quite tame and tend to mind their own business but there is a group of monkeys which are rather aggressive and really give us a scare when they tried to attack us.

See these soaking wet monkeys, these are the aggressive group! We flee for our life when one was snarling and barking at us and luckily it was just a scare and they did not ran after us when we walked out of the vicinity.

There is a Buddhist temple here. It's important to wear something that covers your shoulders and knees before going to the temple which I did not know beforehand.

Since I was wearing shorts and exposing my knees, they loan me a scarf for me to tied around my waist.

Climbing these flight of steps to reach the temple


Hundreds of mild, tame monkeys roaming freely~

It was a memorable experience for us, getting so up-close with so many monkeys. And the boys were quite daring when the monkeys get near them, showing no sign of fear. ^^

JOJO OOTD Time!!! 3 December 2015

Its OOTD Time!!!! Btw, you notice anything different???


Her bangs!!!!!

I just trimmed it ^^, this time I decided to cut it shorter, above her eye brow as suggested by one of my friend, hope it will further enhance her eyes feature.



Dress from Gymboree

Sandals from Disney Online


Thailand Day 03–Night Activities

I always tried to plan things slow for night as I know that the kids are quite tired out from the full day time activities. But at least the boys were so much more well-behaved for this trip  and much more less grumbling and tantrum-ing. Most of our activities at night is just going out for dinner and strolling through the night market.

Though Hua Hin is not a very big place, but it certainly do have a lot of night market, namely Hua Hin night market, Chatsila market  Cicada Night market (or we can call it weekend market).

  • Hua Hin night market or (or also called Chatchai night market) is more tourist-oriented , sold a lot of souvenirs, snacks, desserts, seafood.
  • Chatsila night market is a more organised, clean area which focused on clothes, handicraft and accessories. I could tell the kids and hubby prefer this one to Hua Hin night market. Hubby even sit on the floor while he waited for the boys to finish their fish therapy session by playing his mobile game.

And it is certainly more photography worthy with wall murals and cute stuffs along the way which interest Joelle alot.

  • Cicada Night Market is fast becoming one of the Hua Hin  most popular open-air markets! Cicada Night market is certainly one that one should not miss. It’s open only on Friday, Saturday and Weekend. It definitely stand out for itself as this market is more of a platform for local artists to exhibit and sell their work, with a weekly schedule of live entertainment which includes local bands, international acts, theatre, performance art and various derivations of dance. . I were elaborate more Cicada on my Day 04 post.



KOTI Restaurant


Well, I love to plan holiday trip, knowing where to find popular food and place of interests and of course places to shop. I always plan out my itinerary, I love the feeling of knowing what to do and expect on each day instead of frantically thinking the night before and cracking my brain where to eat and where to go. Thus for this trip, a few eatery came up on the list while I was planning and googling for my Hua Hin Trip. Koti Restaurant is one of them. It seems to be one of the popular eatery for the local.  

When we reached here, the place was still quite empty thus we got our table immediately. But while waiting for our food, the crowd started and soon queue was formed.

By the time we finished shopping Chatsila market and pass by here again, the queue was crazily long already.

These are the dishes we ordered.

Deep fried whole fish with crispy ginger

A whole bowl of Tom Yum Soup to myself.

I really like the Thai milk tea, it tasted slightly different from our Singapore, I would feel the tea flavour is stronger in the milk tea here. The boys were not used to the taste on the first try but love it after a few more sips.

Hua Hin Koti
Address : 61/1 Petchkasem Rd., Hua Hin

Open daily :Lunch 11:30 - 16:00 /Dinner 18:00 - 22:00

Direction : Koti is in the middle of town (on Phetchakasem Road) -- on Dechanuchit or Hua-Hin 57)

Its just opposite steet of Hua-Hin Night Market



Chatsila Market


Actually if you are going to Hua Hin Night market, you can plan Chatsila market on the same day too as it is just on the adjacent street of Hua Hin Night market. We decided to split into 2 different days as the kids were feeling tired yesterday after walking through the Hua Hin Night market and Joelle dozed off in the carrier. So we decided to end our trip earlier and go back to the hotel for them to rest.

Cool choo choo train for us to take a break and eat some snacks if hungry and there is even a street performer singing there.


Lots of resting spots for us to rest our feed from all the shopping and not forgetting great photography spots for us to snap pictures.

Sitting down and taking a picture with the bear before attempting to push it down the bench.


Fishy foot Therapy

Hmmm… looks pretty gross but Jayden loves it.


And we took sometime to convince Javier to give it a try.


I have a soft spot for fruity prints clothes. Saw this fruity tee and of course must get it. ^^


Magnets,  lots of it. Bought a few alphabets for teaching Joelle to spell her name.

Took a Tuk Tuk taxi on our way back to the hotel to let the kids have a experience on an open concept taxi. They seems to enjoyed it?

Joelle insisted to play this newly bought toy at the playground at the hotel ground floor before we can go back to our hotel room. With this, we have come to our end to Day 03. Will be an activities packed day on our Day 04~

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